One Tree Hill Raises Awareness of Child Heatstroke

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This past week the CW Network’s One Tree Hill delved into a highly dramatic yet utterly tragic plot line as the episode concluded. As the episode came to a close, there is a tragic scene in which one of the main characters is talking on her phone with her husband about their son not showing up to pre-school, when the husband suddenly realizes that he had left his child in the back seat of the car as he ran some errands. As music begins to rise and drama begins to unfold, paramedics are show at the father’s car, and it becomes clear that the child has been left in the car and more than likely passed away. The scene left my wife gasping and claiming that such a scene was “uncalled for.”

The sad truth in this is country is that more and more children are falling victim to vehicular heatstroke fatalities. KidsandCars.Org is an organization dedicated to raise the awareness of child vehicular incidents, including fatalities that occur from an unattended child suffering heatstroke in a car. According to the research conducted by KidsandCars.Org, as of November 8, 2011 there had been 31 child vehicular heatstroke fatalities in 2011 alone.

KidsandCars.Org has even posted statistical charts for the public’s own benefit including a map of the U.S. identifying the number of child heatstroke fatalities from 1990 – 2010.

KidsandCars.Org finds these preventable tragedies to be caused by a combination of education and technology and fights every day to raise public awareness to these situations. While One Tree Hill’s final scene this week may have been “uncalled for” to its passionate viewers, it was certainly called for to the public at large.

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