Questionable Actions of Park Police Heighten Occupy DC Tension

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Yesterday, Park Police began to enforce Washington, D.C. “long standing regulation prohibiting camping on federal parkland at the Occupy sites at McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza.” As was to be expected, tension began to rise as officials began to enforce this policy.

According to the Washington Post, an individual identified as “Lash” became angry when officers entered his tent and started to tear down notices of the enforcement. “Lash” was eventually tasared by the officers and a Youtube video soon surfaced of the incident. A link to the Youtube video is attached below. This video does contain explicit language and may not be suitable for some.

Youtube Video of DC Protester

Based off of this video, it is unclear as to what transpired before the bystander started to film this altercation, and clearly the officer’s subjective view of the situation is not taken into account by the video. Nevertheless, based solely off of this video, questions do arise as to the necessity of such force being employed. Hopefully, the enforcement of the ban will not raise any more concerns.

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